Le brinda completo control y una visión general de sus envíos

With logistics flows becoming more complicated and diverse, functional e-services are part of the overall service package we offer to our customers.

Online booking

Use our e-services to book your transport online 24 hours a day. Bookings can be made manually or through different EDI solutions. To book a shipment the required forms must be filled in, and the shipment will be given a unique bar code that you print and attach to the shipment. We ensure that the correct ID number and documentation will follow the shipment all the way to its destination.

Track and trace your shipments

With the DSV Track & Trace service you can always see the latest status of your shipment. To access the DSV Track & Trace service, you will need a username and password.

DSV Track & Trace can be customised so that the results displayed show parts of the shipment flow or dedicated customer numbers. The end customers can also track and trace their orders in the system.

Using your customer number or the shipment number, you can track and trace the following events:

Arrival at loading terminal
Loading for transport
Arrival at distribution terminal
Loading for distribution
With our e-services, you can also choose electronic invoicing and customised statistics and reports. Use the links on the right to book or track and trace your shipments.

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